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Respected employees and their families:
Flowers bloom in the spring, coinciding with the celebration. In this beautiful season of spring, we welcome the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of merlot group, which is the opportunity for the prosperity and development of merlot. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the staff and their families who have worked hard to develop and expand the group. I would like to extend my sincere greetings and most honorable respects.
Merlot group predecessor is a little-known bicycle parts processing enterprises, after 20 years development, the group has developed from bicycle parts production of bicycle vehicle manufacturing danyang well-known enterprises, formed the merlot.so, hua long spokes, meiya chain three national famous brand, technology, quality, yield, ranking the top in the country, the spokes of the hua long spokes to become the largest manufacturer, merlot circle ranks first of Asia. More important is after 20 exploration development, group product has been serialized, brand management and development, diversification, internationalization has accumulated rich experience, accumulated a good momentum of steady development, production base from Stuart extended to both, group influence from danyang radiation to both at home and abroad. Merlot group today for all development is our group employees and partners together for many years, the result of the country prosperous, is being single for many years, leave to us in return.
As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the group, we look back at the development of the group, and we thank every employee and his family that accompanied the group's development. The establishment of the group cannot be separated from the active, diligent, weather-proof start-up partners; In the development of the group, we need to focus on the workers of the first line. The growth of the group needs to be ambitious and professional. The group is strong, and needs like-minded, mutually supportive partners. Merlot group is all their talents, realize the dream of home, there is no seniority, regardless of is ingenious executives, site management of the middle-level or diligent, quietly dedicated staff members, as long as a contribution to our enterprise, the group will be grateful, kid. We are convinced that different backgrounds, different experiences and different levels of talent will be able to achieve our brilliant career by bumping into each other and inspiring each other.
Distinguished staff, we welcome the sunrise of the group. As it turns out, we have the ability to achieve our many years of desire -- to build a powerful enterprise that we can look forward to and be proud of. We will surely have the ability to build a land that depends on it, a proud Shared paradise -- a new, more beautiful and better paradise that leads the development and pay levels of the western enterprise in danyang.
We firmly believe that great employees create great businesses. Let's to group the 20th anniversary of the founding of the new starting point, in the same boat, as always, strive to explore, through the joint efforts of all staff, we are all common merlot group new leap, obtains the new brilliance!
Merlot: kingdom treasure
March 15, 2004

Jiangsu Province Danyang City Situ Town crane 1 North Road





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